I do some of my best thinking when I’m cutting the grass. I don’t know why. There’s something about taking the John Deere for a few turns around a few acres of green stuff that helps me put my thoughts into neat rows.

Tonight was no exception. As I rounded one corner near the rear of the turf course, I looked towards our house and saw it glowing, framed by the golden sun dipping low on the horizon behind it.

It wasn’t long ago that same house glowed for a different reason. It had a shine to it somewhere within my soul.

Not because it’s a grand palace. It’s not. Oh, it’s a great house. Surrounded by a “prettyish sort of wilderness” and some pretty cool gardens that I’ve nearly killed myself to plant. We love living here. I truly appreciate it.  

But it’s just a house.

My house had come to represent comfort, security, and confidence. But that was before God stirred my heart to truly live by faith. It began with — well, a feeling;

It started out as a feeling

Which then grew into a hope

Which then turned into a quiet thought

 Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder

‘Til it was a battle cry (lyrics from “The Call” by Regina Spektor)

In my case, the feeling turned into a book proposal on what it truly means to live each moment of life with real faith. Which then turned into an unshakeable desire to enter the story myself, to find out what would happen if I chose to live by what I believed to be true instead of by what I saw around me. And then that call grew louder and louder to put my confidence where it belonged instead of in stuff that won’t survive this century.

God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…. (Ps. 46:1-2)

Sounds like a battle cry to me. Now I have to rewrite the book proposal with my own story currently in progress.

God is my confidence. And fear is a choice.

I can choose to fear or not to fear. If I believe the truth claim (God is our refuge), I will act as if that claim is true. If I don’t believe it — deep in my soul — I will not act as if it is true. It’s that simple.

Occasionally in life, we get rare moments when we can recognize significant shifts in our own thinking. I had one  about six months ago when I chose to get out of the boat and follow God’s call to use my strengths no matter the cost.

I think I’ve had another one tonight as I cut the grass — a clarifying vision of my calling.

In short, I want to help you choose to live by faith. I want to teach you how to do it, equip you to act on it, and encourage you to keep moving forward on this exhilarating faith journey. (Come to think of it, I might want to cut this post out and put it in a scrapbook.) Most importantly, I want to lead the way by my own example.

I choose to put my confidence in God, to live by faith no matter if I have a house that glows in the fading sunlight or not. But I don’t want to go alone.  I’ll take the ring, but I’d prefer a fellowship. I’d much rather encourage others to come along on this walk of faith. Starting with you. 

It’s time to change the world. It’s time to live by faith. Houses may get left behind. Shadow callings might be abandoned. No doubt we’ll face more than a few fears along the way.

Anyone else shaking yet? Just checking. I’m hoping I’m not the only one.

What does it mean to you to walk by faith? Do you act on what you say you believe? Go ahead. Leave whatever comment God is nudging you to share with a click here.

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