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Do you have a story worth telling or a message to share with the world?

Maybe people have told you for years that you should write a book, or a publisher already wants to work with you because you’re a celebrity or have a following of some sort. That’s flattering, isn’t it?

But you’re not a writer. And you don’t have the time to become one.

Most people don’t know how to put all the pieces and parts together to create a book a reader would truly enjoy.

And, if you’re like me, you don’t want your name on a book if it’s not worth reading.

So you have a choice.

You can let it go — or you can partner with a collaborative writing partner to guide your story to publication because you believe your story matters.

I know how you feel.

As a published author and proven collaborative writer, I’ve come alongside numerous people just like you — both well-known and relatively unknown — to help share their messages in ways that resonate with their audience.

Recent Projects

I’ve taught and studied storytelling for decades as a teacher and student of writing and history.

My diverse life experiences — father of six, pastor for a season, educator, counselor, business leader, entrepreneur, florist, and sports fan — have unintentionally prepared me to authentically relate to both authors and readers.

Some of my recent collaborative projects include Drain the Swamp with US Congressman Ken Buck, Not a Daycare with Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Big Problems, Bigger God with Steve Smothermon, Senior Pastor of Legacy Church, and You Will be Made to Care with Erick Erickson.

I specialize in coming alongside public figures who value privacy and confidentiality. And I’m great at capturing someone’s voice.

I’m not bragging. I just know my strengths.

(Don’t ask me to repair your car. Trust me. Not a strength.)

Proven. Authentic. Worry-free.

I’m at my best when collaborating on projects dealing with the following subject areas:

  • Conservative cultural values,
  • Christian faith or discipleship,
  • Leadership and business, and
  • Memoirs or sharing of your life story.

I’m always happy to consider other projects dealing with topics that stretch my creativity, as well.

My proven StoryBuilder Process begins with sincerely listening to your heart and learning your voice. It doesn’t end until the project is completed with excellence, the publisher is happy, and you’re proud to have your name on the cover.

I’ve worked successfully with publishers of all sizes from New York City to Nashville — and know the self-publishing process, as well.

One thing I can promise: you’ll always get authenticity.

If you think I may be a fit for your project — or at least someone who might steer you in the right direction — let’s talk.

“I’m naturally more comfortable as a speaker than a writer, but Bill turns what I have to say into written words that resonate with an audience. He makes it easy to share my message with the world as an engaging story and excels at capturing my voice.”


Mark Timm

CEO of Ziglar Family, Business Leader & Speaker

“I worked with Bill as he developed a new workshop for The John Maxwell Company. I found him to be highly professional with very high standards of excellence and exceptionally easy to work with.  He’s a good thinker and writer, and the resource he developed was outstanding. I highly recommend Bill Blankschaen’s work.”

Charlie Wetzel

Writing Partner with John C. Maxwell

“I was very blessed to connect with Bill Blankschaen to collaborate on You Will Be Made to Care. I was deeply leery of writing a new book because my first one was such a painful experience. Bill was a Godsend. He not only was able to help me capture my voice and write with my voice, but his experience at putting a book together made the process so less intimidating. He understood the big picture and ideas I wanted to capture, made the process painless, and helped me meet all deadlines. Then Bill went beyond that and helped market and promote the book with efforts that rivaled those of the publisher.”

 Erick Erickson

Former Editor-in-Chief of, Author You Will Be Made to Care, Host of “The Erick Erickson Show,” Fox News contributor, and founder of

“When I was asked to write my book, I thought, ‘I am not really a writer.’ Capturing all my ideas into an engaging book form didn’t seem possible. Then I was introduced to Bill. He made my book possible. His ability to take my thoughts and words and make it sound like me is a real gift. I’ve had people tell me my book sounds just like me. I enjoyed working with him and look forward to working with him on my next project.”


 Steve Smothermon

Author of Big Problems, Bigger God
Senior Pastor, Legacy Church, Albuquerque, NM

“It’s always a delight to work with Bill both as a person and a writer.  He crafts stories that resonate emotionally with the reader and his attention to detail ensures the finished product will be both accurate and even-handed.”


Nancy French

Four-time New York Times bestselling Author & Collaborative Writer

“A true pleasure working with Bill! He is amazingly gifted at hearing my heart and magically expressing it in words that help capture the essence of my own mission, passion and calling — a pleasure and a joy to work with Bill.”


Steve Kaloper

CEO/Founder Development Services Group
Author of The Journey into Doing Good Better

“Bill’s acumen as a writer and editor added tremendous value to my ability to extract the most powerful aspects of my manuscript and deliver a final product that I felt comfortable taking to my target market. I highly endorse Bill’s services and have already begun making recommendations for others to work with him directly.”


Anthony Flynn

Author of The Execution Pipeline, Founder of The Gifted Education Foundation

Your story matters.

Let’s talk about how we might partner to tell it well.
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