Hey, kids! Parents can be strange creatures. Creatures who act out of fear. Well, maybe they’re not all that strange now that I think of it. We all have fears don’t we?

But they can jump to conclusions before having all the facts, especially when they’re encouraged to do so by a media that thrives on controversy. Like with the tragic death of Junior Seau.  He was a professional football player – one of the best linebackers to ever play the game. Unfortunately, he took his own life.

Thanks to the relentless media coverage, now thousands of parents are likely reconsidering whether pee-wee football is right for their kids:

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Too early to tell why Seau may have taken his own life, but…” that won’t stop them from jumping to conclusions that will strike fear into the heart of parents around the world. The basic argument seems to be that Junior Seau played football and likely sustained some concussions. Then he killed himself. Other footbal players have killed themselves, too. Therefore, the concussions likely contributed to his decision to end his life.

Following that logic, of course, I could say that I see more cars on the road just before the sun comes up. It’s happened more than once, let me tell you. Therefore, the increase in the number of cars on the road likely contributes to the sun rising each day.  Kids, don’t try that logic on your teachers.

It’s far more likely that Junior Seau lived the lonely life that many celebrities have experienced. Or that he grew despondent due to the high emotional demands of the life paths he chose. Bottom line: we just don’t know. But that doesn’t stop the media from jumping to conclusions. Remember the lesson from the Trayvon Martin coverage? Fear drives ratings.

But that’s what parents all too often do best. We get afraid. We react. We overreact. Then we psychoanalyze our reactions just prior to wrapping you in bubble-wrap — to be safe. Soon you don’t get to be a kid anymore.

Of course, your parents could go to the opposite extreme and sign you up to unwind at this health resort for toddlers. Seriously.


Hey, note to Mom and Dad. Don’t let the media raise your kids for you. God gave them to you because He knew you – especially you – are uniquely qualified to get your kids ready.

Parents, it’s what you were made for. It’s called real life.

Kids, what your parents do is called living with real faith.

How do you think media coverage affects today’s parents? Leave a comment to share the growth.

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