Welcome home! As great as it was to hear the Disney bus driver welcome my wife and I onto the grounds of Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground on our recent trip south, I found it more fulfilling to feel the hugs from my sons this morning when they woke me up — way too early.

We are always seeking synergy. So when the opportunity came to attend A Day About Books with John Maxwell in West Palm Beach, I immediately thought: Learn about writing and leadership from one of the best AND get away for a retreat of sorts with my patient and beautiful bride? Genius!

Our trip covered more than 2,500 miles. My wife calculated — since she had little else to do in the car — that we spent at least four hours in the car every day except one. Lot’s of talking time. And listening time.

Our whirlwind tour stopped to revisit old friends on the South Carolina coast, then headed to West Palm beach where the steady rains kept us off the beach. Met John Maxwell and Michael Hyatt as well as numerous other awesome people that we’re looking forward to partnering with for years to come.

A brief stop at Disney World reconnected us with the magic capped off by the stir fry at Captain Hooks in the Polynesian Resort — truly one of the best meals on property at a bargain price. More later on how to spend a day at Disney for free — well, almost free.

Our journey then took us to Atlanta where we had the privilege of connecting with more leaders in The John Maxwell Co. and EQUIP leadership. Always a delight to connect with highly effective and humble leaders dedicated to helping people. Inspired and encouraged by their embracing of us.

Our trip concluded with a brief stop in Nashville before connecting over dinner with a truly awesome guy — Cliff Ravenscraft in Northern Kentucky. What a delight to find a kindred spirit dedicated to using podcasting to help so many people!

We arrived home well after 1 AM. The house was still standing. Kids all intact. And our own bed waiting for us.

Today and tomorrow, I’ll be taking time to reflect on the input, advice, and wisdom gleaned from the various stops along the way. I’ll be praying, planning, spending time with my family, and seeking God’s direction for our future. I’d appreciate your prayers.

Jesus often took time to step back from service and get perspective. Today and tomorrow, I’ll be doing the same. Oh, and spending time with my kids getting caught up on all we’ve missed.

What trips or experiences have you had with your spouse or friends that made a lasting impression in your life? How did you take time to reflect on the experience? Leave a comment here. I’d love to hear about it. 

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