My last post made a bold statement: “If God doesn’t come through, we’re screwed.” I meant it. In fact, I think we should all always be attempting something that is too big for God to let fail.

But maybe it needs a slight correction.

But Jen, one of the wonderful readers in this faith-walker community, shared these thoughts with a pithy comment:

“But the reality of our situation is this: If God doesn’t come through, we’re screwed.”

Is this really true?  Will you truly be stuck with no place to go and no power to move in any direction?

So much of how we experience life is determined by our thinking about the situations we find ourselves in.  I’ve been extremely poor and happy at the same time.  I’ve been blessed by learning that poverty and failed plans are not the end of the physical or spiritual World.

It might be more true to state: “If God comes through, we’re screwed.”  You will miss the opportunity to experience life in its bare bones form.  You will not need to learn to accept the help you truly need from others in your community.  Your children will not need to truly internalize that their lives are not worthless just because they have no monetary worth – even when they are looked down on by many of those who “have it made” and can wear new clothing and own cell phones.  You won’t experience the true joy of a Thanksgiving feast after months of eating woody green beans for dinner several times a week.  You won’t know deep in your bones that failure is not the end, but can often be a transformational beginning. You won’t know what your safety net feels like until you’ve bounced on it.

Thanks to Jen for her courage to speak up.  I needed the reminder that God’s version of  “coming through” might look different from my own version of it. If God does provide as I want Him too, will I miss out on a greater blessing? I can pray vigorously and expect confidently yet still keep the understanding that He may have a better plan beyond what I can imagine.

Hear, O my people, and I will warn you — if you would but listen to me…. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. But my people would not listen to me…. So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts to follow their own devices.   (Ps. 81:8-12)

What do you think of her comment? I think she may be on to something. Share your thoughts with a click here.

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