It doesn’t take a piece of paper that gives you permission.

It doesn’t take the latest technological marvel.

It doesn’t take tenure — but I think most of us already figured that one out.

It doesn’t take being an expert outstanding in your field — or sitting in your field for that matter.

It doesn’t always take superb communication skills or innovative methods.


What it does take is free. But it will cost you more than most are willing to pay.

What it does take is available to anyone. But it’s seldom found.

What it does take requires the greatest faith. Yet anyone can believe.


What does it take to teach?

Poet Emily Dickinson answers — with a little tweak from a friend: Me.


To teach a student it takes a teacher and one degree.

One teacher and a degree

And humility.

The humility alone will do

If degrees are few.

Have you found humility to be the essential ingredient for teaching? Leave a comment to share what you’ve learned so we can all grow.

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