Start with WOW: A Rainy Day at Disney Reminds Me

I spent a recent day with my beautiful bride at Walt Disney World — without the kids! Crazy, I know. In spite of the incessant rain that soaked everything for the entire day, I couldn’t help but notice once again that, at Disney, everything starts with WOW!

One of the few dry spots -- and one of our favorites at the Meadows Trading Post, Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds

Wise readers who have read Michael Hyatt’s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World will recognize “Start with WOW” as the first step in his advice. Disney exemplifies it.

A few things I noted after I quit trying to dodge raindrops — which was a pointless excercise as my still-saturated shoes prove:

  1. The cast members remained cheerful and jovial in spite of the drenching rains. I expected this, of course, but compared to some of the moods of the guests not happy about the rain, it stood out once again.  I expected some crabbiness. I got abundant helpfulness and care. WOW!
  2. Disney’s attention to the guest’s needs stood out when we entered the Contemporary Resort from the boat dock. The wind had caused the boat to overshoot the dock so it took a while to get out of the rain — again, no complaints from the cast members. When we slid through the doors, dripping wet, a wicker bin of fluffy towels greeted us! WOW! Someone had clearly thought about what we might need and blew away our expectations.
  3. Disney’s newest resort Art of Animation once again exceeded even my expectations of Disney’s creative attention to detail. When we asked a cast member about the family suites, we were treated to a pictorial tour. The themes of the areas and rooms feature The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Cars, and Finding Nemo. The detail that blew me away was that when you swim underwater in the The Big Blue pool, you actually hear Nemo and friends talking to you! WOW! I hear them talking to me all the time, but that’s a whole different problem. The pool is the largest on property at Disney World.

No, we didn’t try the pool although we probably could have without noting much of a difference in moisture levels. Day 103 on property for me was a wet one (I know, just using the phrase “on property” is proof of my Disney addiction).

Don’t forget, Jesus routinely started with WOW!

When have you experienced something that blew away your expectations and left you with a WOW? Share your experience with a comment to inspire all of us to serve.

3 Responses to “Start with WOW: A Rainy Day at Disney Reminds Me”

  1. Jackie B. June 27, 2012 at 4:35 PM #

    Way back in 1992 I was working as a camp art teacher at a Girl Scout camp on the Olympic Penninsula. There’s enough WOW there any day! However, a group of us counselors, between sessions, decided to sleep along the bulkhead (which kept the Hood Canal out of our cabins). We settled in the dark in our sleeping bags. I awoke to the warm, rising sun illuminating cranes fishing in the shallows and otters playing on the decks! It was a blessing to receive such a gift; I still can feel the goosebumps of glory.

  2. Jennifer June 29, 2012 at 7:46 PM #

    I experienced an emotional WOW the other day while walking my dog.  I saw a Mom and Dad playing with their four young children.  You could absolutely feel the love they had for their children and for each other.  Mom and Dad were holding hands and singing a song as they left the park trailed by four happily singing children.

    We frequently experience WOW moments at our local bookstore (Chapters).  We buy far too many books and the employees are quick to point out any new ones they think might fit out interests.  A new baseball book that my husband wanted was not yet available in our store.  One of the employees lives in another town and picked up the book in another Chapters on his way home.  He phoned my husband to let him know that he could pick up the book the next day.  WOW.

    • Bill Blankschaen July 1, 2012 at 3:24 PM #

      Not sure if it’s sad that we just don’t expect it or great that we long to experience it when someone goes beyond what is required. I suspect it has its roots in the gospel story. Will explore further. Thanks, Jennifer