My previous two posts described how to enjoy an almost free day at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Our family has gotten to know how Disney works pretty well over the years as you can see here. As a family game, we choose spots on the resort then try to list how many ways we could take to get to another destination of choice. It’s a strange life we lead. It’s not much. But it’s wonderful. Which makes it….

It does my heart good to think that Jimmy Stewart likely went to Walt Disney World at some point. I can see him and Andy Griffith chilling with Walt on a bench on Main Street, USA while Don Knotts tries his hand at the shooting arcade in Frontierland. Maybe they’d choose my favorite bench on the side street, just off Main Street. We stayed there late one night watching them clean — but I digress. Back to Disney.

Now on to an actual itinerary of an almost free day at Disney. Our most recent trip was only with me and my wife.

Here’s how we spent the almost free day although the constant rain kept us off the boats more than usual:

  • Park at the Magic Kingdom. Take the tram to the TTC.
  • Express monorail to the Magic Kingdom entrance. It was raining, so we didn’t stay long. There is no cover outside of the security check-point.
  • Resort monorail (because you can’t get back on the Express without going past security) to a stop at the Contemporary Resort and then back to the TTC.
  • EPCOT monorail to EPCOT. Checked out the latest in the park in our loop around the inside of the park. Not much happening.
  • Bus from EPCOT to the new Art of Animation Resort. Walked around that one and explored all the new stuff as I shared here. Grabbed a coffee to go in the food court.
  • Bus from Art of Animation to Downtown Disney. Shopping, sightseeing, a bucket of popcorn in a themed tub we didn’t yet have, and (of course) a free chocolate sample at Ghiradelli’s.
  • Bus from Downtown Disney to Fort Wilderness. We’ve stayed there many, many times so it’s like home.
  • Bus from the Outpost at Fort Wilderness to the Meadows Trading Post. Strolled around after shopping and walked up to the Settlement where The Trail’s End is located. Sat on the rocking chairs for a while enjoying the silence. 
  • Took a boat from the dock there to the Contemporary Resort. We would usually take the one to the Magic Kingdom entrance, but the rain encouraged us to take the quicker route.
  • Got on the monorail at the Contemporary Resort (home of Chef Mickey) and took it to the Polynesian Resort for dinner.
  • Ate at Captain Cooks on the lower level of the Polynesian. Usually, we would eat outside in the luscious gardens, but the rain kept us in and kept us from staying to watch the fireworks across the lagoon at the Magic Kingdom.
  • We walked back to the TTC through the gardens and the rain lit by tiki torches.
  • Took the tram back to our car to call it a soggy Disney Day.

Total cost:

Parking $14; Coffee $3; Popcorn $4;Dinner $19 = $40

For $40 we enjoyed a romantic day for two at Disney World. It was too wet to ride much of anything in the parks anyways.

Cost to go in the park that day would have been:

Parking $14; Coffee $3; Popcorn $4;Dinner $19; Tickets $179 = At least $229, likely more with various purchases. Not a bad deal if you can get it.

Of course, getting there might be a challenge for some, but, hey — we live in Cleveland, Ohio. What excuse do you have?

Bonus point to the one who can name the event at which this picture was taken with a comment below!

If you have questions about WDW, just ask. We can probably answer them. Or we’ll just go back there and get the answer for you. That’s fine, too.

Would you spend a day like this at Walt Disney World instead of yet another round of miniature golf in Orlando? What do you think of our almost free day strategy. Leave a comment by clicking here.

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