As you may have noticed, my posts have been infrequent of late here at Bill in the Blank. There’s reason for that.

I have been re-assessing the most effective strategy for me to equip Christians to think, live, and lead with abundant faith. As result, I will be making some changes in the coming days to make the most effective use of the time and talents God has given me. Busy doesn’t necessarily mean effective. I wish to be the best steward of my strengths that I can possibly be so I can help equip you to do the same even as I explore more exciting options in pursuit of the calling God has given me.

The change that will be most noticeable to you here is that I will be consolidating my two blogs into one at Patheos. This site will remain as my home base, as it were, with an easy link to the blog. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted so you don’t miss anything.

For now, I share with you some posts from recent days on my further thoughts on the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook and more:

 7 Steps to Safer Schools: A Principal Speaks

To All Those Who Want Safer Schools in Newtown

Westboro Baptist Church a Hate Group? What’s Wrong with the Petition

Was Jesus Born a Away in the Manger at Migdal Eder?


I also invite you to follow along there with The FaithWalker’s Daily — a quick review of current news events from the perspective of a conservative Christ-follower living in, but not of, the world. Check out a few recent editions here and here. Enter your e-mail address at Patheos to subscribe to the new blog feed and receive these alerts each morning to enjoy as you sip your coffee — or tea.


More on that and other exciting changes in the days to come. For now, thank you for continuing to follow along on this journey of faith.

And have a very happy and blessed new year!


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