Thanks to my friend Hugh Hewitt, the new edition of the book In, But Not Of: A Guide to Christian Ambition and a Desire to Influence the World will officially hit the shelves May 22 although you can already but it now here and find it on the shelves in some retail outlets.

I developed the Study Guide for the book over the course of many years in practical ministry with young adults. It’s been a privilege to work with both Hugh and Cornerstone Christian Academy to field test the study guide with young leaders.

It is now ready to be put to use in your school, church, college study group, and similar settings.

As a special benefit for those using this book in a group or classroom setting, leaders may wish to download my In, But Not Of Leader’s Guide here to make it really easy. Subscribe today to the right to be alerted when it is available. The Leader’s Guide aligns with this Study Guide edition to make the content of the book even more accessible to school, church, college, and other small groups or classrooms.  In it you’ll find instructions, advice, and ready-made plans for guiding any group through the book’s content.  Its free if you promise to use it.

Who should buy a copy — or twenty — today?

Anyone who knows any college and high school student graduating in the next few weeks. Wisdom makes the perfect gift!

Christian school leaders looking to take their leadership training to the next level.

Youth pastors seeking a gritty and practical small-group tool.

Christian campus collegiate groups seeking to be intentional about impacting their culture

Homeschool groups trying to find a practical guide to getting and using influence for Christ for use in a co-op.

The list goes on….

I’m also available to help in any way with using this tool to ensure God’s will is done “on earth as it is in heaven.” Let me know if you have questions, need guidance on the topic, or advance I am also available to speak to the issue of equipping young adults for cultural influence with your group pending availability. Drop me note at You can learn more about me here.

A little background on the In, But Not Of Study Guide Edition:

The Study Guide for In, But Not Of started in Disney World. Well, not exactly. I did first read it while vacationing in that happiest of places with my family in 2003. An ambitious Christian educator, writer, and leader, I had picked up the book at a local Northeast Ohio bookstore for my birthday – the big 30. There in the place where dreams come true, surrounded by Walt’s legacy of cultural influence, the book got me thinking some pretty big thoughts.

Hugh’s voice of experience focused my ambitions in an intensely practical way. I had studied a wide range of wise leaders. I had been privileged to learn first-hand from some exceptional ones. Nonetheless, In, But Not Of (IBNO) gave me a how-to primer, a handbook for effectively influencing culture as a Christian.

Fortunately, my calling at Cornerstone was all about equipping a generation of Christian leaders who will “impact their world for the glory of God.” It was a natural fit.  IBNO debuted in the Cornerstone senior classroom in 2004 alongside Understanding the Times (Summit Ministries) as a required one-two learning punch. Every Cornerstone graduate since has benefited from Hugh’s wisdom as a practical polishing before shining at some of the top colleges and universities in the nation. It has been my privilege as the Principal of CCA to lead the discussions of IBNO in those sessions for most of the last nine years. The Study Guide for this edition sprang from those years of refining that discussion, gaining feedback from students, and focusing on key selections and questions that resonated with Hugh’s primary audience of ambitious young adults.

Thanks to Hugh and Cornerstone Christian Academy for the opportunity to partner in this endeavor. May this guide help the book expand your vision and equip your imagination as God lights His walk of faith before you.

More to come soon…. I invite you to subscribe today for spam-free alerts. Thanks!

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