Before I forget: Pre-order my latest project with Hugh Hewitt now. In, But Not Of: Study Guide Edition by Thomas Nelson. New subscribers to my blog by midnight May 18 will be entered to win ten free copies of the book.

Growth is never comfortable. That’s why so few people pursue it. It’s much easier to just look busy, act exhausted, and then collapse into a vegetative state in front of a sitcom rerun where no one but your family can see you.

Life’s too short for that. For those who have been following my writing for even a little while, you know that this site is all about growth. Even if it’s a new garden, we keep moving forward. So here’s what’s happening next in this busy week of growth.

Brace Yourself – Growth in Progress!

Today I’m traveling to Manhattan for a special live event May 16 with innovative thinker, speaker, and author Seth Godin. I expect it to be stimulating the creative juices for some time to come. That’s what Seth’s writing does so I expect no less from engaging him in person. Plus I’ll get to meet a lot of other highly creative leaders. And I get to do it all with my good friend the Reverend Jason Tucker. Only down side is I have to fly all over the Eastern US to get there and back. Lot’s of writing time.

And that’s a good thing because — my blog is moving.

That’s right. Moving.

Just the blog.

Don’t panic! You can still stop here at for all kinds of resources – one of them being the link to my blog at

At my blog’s new home, it will be a privilege to write with some of the leading minds in Evangelical Christianity at the leading portal for religious thought on the web. If all goes according to plan – and when does that ever happen? – my first post will be up at Patheos next  Monday, May 21.

HOT TIP: The topic for the first week at Patheos will be somewhat controversial. God can be that way sometimes. That’s all I’ll say for now. I’ll link here to get you started. An extra click – see what I mean about growth being uncomfortable?

As if that weren’t fun enough, another post of mine is scheduled to be featured this Friday by Michael Hyatt, Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing and author of the about-to-be-bestseller Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World coming May 22. You will not want to miss the incredible first-week deals he is planning. His work has already had a significant impact in my life so it’s a privilege to be able to offer a little bit back. I’ll post the link on Friday so you can check it out – and tell your friends. All of them.

And finally, don’t forget that my latest project with my friend Hugh Hewitt officially hits the shelves on Tuesday, May 22. In, But Not Of: Study Guide Edition is a must-read for every teenager and young adult on your graduate list this season. I designed the study guide in the book especially for small groups in churches, colleges, high schools, etc. to make it easier to learn from Hugh’s life-transforming lessons. I have prepared a Group Leader’s Guide to make it even easier (available to download for free next week).

And if you haven’t read the book yourself, it’s not too late to change your world.

Pre-order a copy today. Or three. One for you. One for a young adult you know. And one for your pastor – or several for the entire pastoral team! And give one to the principal of a Christian school near you.

Seriously. It’s that good.

Remember: All new subscribers to my blog by Friday, May 18, at midnight will be entered to win a free copy of the new edition of In, But Not Of. After I pick ten at random, the great people at Thomas Nelson will ship it to your door.

Whew. I know I’m forgetting something. It’ll come to me – somewhere over the Eastern seaboard.

Leave a comment if you want to comment. Simple enough.


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