Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Of course, not all of you can have the best wife and mom ever. That honor goes to my wife — mother of our six awesome children. She is amazing!

But don’t take my word for it. I asked my experts — our children — why they think their Mom is so special.

Here’s their expert opinion:

  • “She makes lunches.”
  • “Umm, she loves you and she’s very kind.”
  • “She teaches you things that no none else can teach you.”
  • “She is helpful with homework.”
  • “When I was young she’d roll me up in a blanket like a hot dog.”
  • “She let me go to Sparkies and she let me have a video game.”
  • “Sometimes she says jokes.”
  • “She shovels dirt like there’s no tomorrow.”
  • “She makes delicious dinners.”
  • “She helps getting on the computer.”
  • “When she holded us in a blanket when we were babies. She was very kind at that time.”
  • “She gave me a second chance on my math.”
  • “She lets me watch the Dick Van Dyke show on her Kindle with her.”
  • “Her love never ends.”
  • “Well, she kisses you.”

And to top off the stupendous tribute to her, here’s a photo of my Mother’s Day gift to her:

Of course, there may be some, small measure of work involved maintaining, weeding, cultivating, watering — well, let’s not dwell on that stuff. The point is it’s an amazing gift for an amazing Mom.

And I’ll bet it’s bigger than what you got your wife or Mom!

Sorry. Off to church. Apparently I really need to go.

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